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The Dean's Administration Office prepares materials for the operation of higher education institution bodies, ensures record keeping (personnel, financial, student, study, etc.), coordinates the credit system, organizes the use of premises and equipment of the higher education institution and its partners, supports international cooperation, provides information bases for evaluation procedures of study, educational, science & research, and development activities of the Faculty and performs other tasks in the interest of the Faculty.

Darja Novak, Head of Office

Room: B-314
Telephone: +386 (2) 220 7501
Mobile: +386 31 659-303

Tadeja Helbl Vela, univ. dipl. medij. kom., Administration Office

Chair of Production Engineering (KPS)
Chair of Fundamental and General Subjects (KTSP)

Room: B-314
Telephone:       +386 (2) 220 7522
Mobile: /

Renata Potočnik, Administration Office

Chair of Construction and Design (KKO)
Chair of Power, Process and Environmental Engineering (KEPOI)

Room: J2-229/1
Telephone:       +386 (2) 220 7523
Mobile: +386 31 777-482

Darja Veselič, Administration Office

Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (RIS)

Room: B-210
Telephone:   +386 (2) 220 7524
Mobile: +386 41 361-327

Taya Klajnšek, dipl., ekon. (VS), Administration Office

Institute of Engineering Materials and Design (IIMO)

Room: B-210
Telephone:   +386 (2) 220 7512

Ksenija Ferlic, Administration Office

Chair of Materials and Forming (KMP)
Chair of Mechanics (KM)
Chair of Textile Materials and Design (KTMO)

Room: B-212
Telephone:   +386 (2) 220 7529
Mobile: +386 31 661-305

Svetlana Čerič, univ. dipl. ekon.

Samostojna strokovna delavka (javna naročila)

Room: B-211
Telephone: +386 (2) 220 7903
Mobile: /

Darja Novak
Darja Novak