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Working with industry

Educational and research activities are key elements of the mission of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maribor, and for their realization, many different factors are needed. Adequate infrastructure and cooperation with stakeholders from the environment are among the most important factors.

Infrastructure adequacy begins with the building and its immediate surroundings, where the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering carries out its activities. Pedagogical infrastructure is the one with which employees and students are most directly in touch and is mainly connected with the equipment of lecture rooms and those parts of laboratories in which the educational process is carried out. In recent years, several lecture rooms have been modernized in cooperation with companies, and with this kind of cooperation we will continue in the future. The research infrastructure is mostly subject to technological progress and the need for upgrading. At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, we are upgrading research equipment with our own resources, in cooperation with companies and through various calls for proposals. Since the Republic of Slovenia has recognized the need for excellent research equipment of faculties, it will finance state-of-the-art research equipment at our faculty in the next two years. Our plans are even more daring because we want to build or renovate the building in the immediate vicinity of the faculty, which will be dedicated to research and application infrastructure. Students will also be able to develop their technical and business ideas.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is aware of the importance of cooperation with the environment, especially with the industry. Various applicative or R&D projects are conducted at the faculty with a large number of Slovenian and also foreign companies. For this purpose, we have also prepared a comprehensive offer of our knowledge, services and equipment that can be viewed by individual research areas or laboratories on our web page. Cooperation with the environment also means the involvement of manufacturing companies in the field of mechanical engineering, textiles and materials in our educational process. At the faculty operates a Strategic Council, consisting of representatives of the economy, and we have strategic partnerships with nine reputable manufacturing companies, with whom we participate in all of the above mentioned areas: research, applicative, educational and infrastructural.

All of these activities have a direct or indirect impact on our students, which we want to connect with business practice in various ways during the course of their studies. For this purpose, the Career Center already exists at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which will be further upgraded in the future.

Our faculty is open to various forms of cooperation, therefore we are kindly invited.



Vice-Dean for Infrastructure and Cooperation with Industry

Prof. Dr. Iztok Palčič

Room: J2-322

Phone: +386 (0)2 220 7636