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The Office of Study and Student Affairs of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering takes care of:

•    advising future students in choosing study programs,
•    participation in information days,
•    notifying and informing students,
•    registration and issuance of certificates related to studies,
•    keeping records of students from enrolment to the award of diplomas,
•    carrying out the awarding of diplomas,
•    managing procedures for the recognition of education,
•    publication of news on the web by the faculty in the field of educational activities,
•    organization and implementation of events for students (introductory seminar for beginners, night of diploma writing, etc.),
•    organization and coordination of the pedagogical process,
•    preparation of documentation and texts of the Call for Enrolment in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study Programs,
•    management of procedures and preparation of documentation for accreditations and self-evaluations of study programs,
•    management of procedures and preparation of documentation for accreditation of syllabi, their changes and implementation curricula,
•    preparation and keeping records of study programs,
•    preparation of schedules,
•    preparation and keeping records of the announcement of study programs and the workload of pedagogical staff,
•    preparation of contracts and accounts for the implementation of pedagogical work in part-time study,
•    analysis of data from the field of educational activity (UM indicators, satisfaction with studies, employability and employment of graduates, workload of study programs,  performance of study obligations, etc.),
•    preparation of data in the field of educational activities,
•    preparation of the minutes and implementation of the meeting of the FS Commission for Study Affairs,
•    cooperation and performance of tasks according to the decisions of the Commission for Study Affairs, the Commission for Science & Research Affairs, and the Senate of the FS,
•    cooperation with departments and preparation of decisions in the field of educational activities, etc.
Office hours of the Office of Study and Student Affairs:

Monday - Friday, from 11.00 to 13.00 (Place: B-106)