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Study at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

If you enrol in our study programs, you will join students who already know that Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Maribor is one of the best educational and research institutions in Slovenia. You will find out that studying technical sciences is really exciting. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine our society without mechanical engineers, as we develop new products and technologies in different areas of human endeavours, and thus help shaping the world. The study of mechanical engineering has become very interdisciplinary and combined with other areas, including social sciences. Those future students who are perhaps “afraid” of typical mechanical engineering study fields, can choose between study programs that are enriched with business knowledge (study program Engineering Management), knowledge from the field of environmental protection (Environmental engineering), electrical engineering and informatics (Mechatronics), and knowledge from the field of design and advanced materials (Textile design technologies, Design and textile materials, Product design). In this way, our students conquer a wide spectre of knowledge that offers many opportunities. Currently, studying technical sciences in Slovenia and Europe represents a big advantage because of a huge lack of engineers on the market. In countries with the highest prosperity, the share of students who study natural and technical sciences is much higher than in Slovenia. We are entering the 4th industrial revolution that is based on the use of advanced production and information technologies, which will increase the need for engineers. 

Besides the fact that our faculty is known by educating engineers that companies like to employ, it is also true that we are student friendly, that we provide state-of-the-art knowledge, that we are a young team of professors and assistants who look after our students as tutors, that our students work on real projects and develop their ideas, that they join Erasmus and other programs to study abroad, and that we are simply “cool”.

Doc. Dr. Matej Zadravec
Vice Dean for Studies

doc. dr. Matej Zadravec

Vice-Dean for Studies

Doc. Dr. Matej Zadravec

Room: J2-328

Phone: +386 (0)2 220 7783