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Students info

Supporting Ukraine

At the University of Maribor, we follow the Ukrainian crisis with indignation and concern and strongly condemn any violence.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dear studentWe are aware t​hat you are currently in a situation that no one could imagine a few weeks ago. You and all people fleeing from Ukraine due to the military invasion and seeking safety for your families are in our thoughts. If you have resided in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 and belong in one of the below-mentioned categories, you are eligible for temporary protection in Slovenia in accordance with the decision adopted by the Slovenian Government. Know that you are welcome!

Eligibility for temporary protection: 

  • citizens of Ukraine,
  • stateless persons and third-country nationals who are not citizens of Ukraine and who were granted international protection or other equivalent national protection in Ukraine,
  • family members of the persons referred to in the first and second indents of this paragraph,
  • stateless persons and third-country nationals who are not citizens of Ukraine and who resided in Ukraine on the basis of a valid permanent residence permit and who are unable to return to their country or region of origin in a safe and sustainable or lasting manner.
  •  More a​bout the procedure on obtaining the temporary protection. 

Assessment and recognition of education in the integration of immigrants in the education system


Study Options for 2021/22 Academic Year

In order to provide you with the possibility for instantaneous continuation of your higher education studies and ease your integration into Slovenian higher education system, the University of Maribor (UM) offers you tuition-free temporary enrolment in this semester as an exchange student. You can also apply for a scholarship that will cover your living costs for the first few months in Slovenia, with the student status providing you access to subsidized student meals, student work, etc. For additional information, please email us at: ukraine​​​​

Study Options for 2022/23 Academic Year

​If you further-on decide to continue your higher education studies at our university, you are/will be able to apply for enrolment in the 2022/23 academic year. Confirmed application deadlines are available on​ our we​bsite, however, there is still little known about the possibility of additional application periods, enrolment places and any other issues that need addressing regarding your situation. We are making every effort to provide you with answers as soon as possible, and we will keep you informed through our social media and this website when new information becomes available.


Psychology Students' Association Maribor

​Psychology Students' Association Maribor offer free and private conversations for students affected by the crisis in Ukraine for support​ with their mental health and wellbeing. Support is available in English. 
For first contact please send an email to You can choose between in-person or email communication. Your confidentiality will be respected. More information is available on their Facebook site.


All information about Study and Study Programmes of the University of Maribor are available on website of the University of Maribor my.UM


For additional information, please email us at: ​ukraine​​​​