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Students info

PCT (RVT) CONDITION - a change in the frequency of self-testing for students who do not meet condition R or V

Dear students,

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted a new Ordinance on Temporary Measures for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases COVID-19 (Official Gazette of RS, no. 174/21; here and after Ordinance) that states:

  • for students, who meet the PCT condition with testing or self-testing, the ordinance specifies that the condition is met if the person proves his/her identity with a valid ID and one of the certificates (e.g., digital Covid certificate, record sheet,…),
  • in closed spaces it is mandatory to wear a surgical or FFP2 mask (fabric masks are not allowed),
  • from 15. 11. 2021, testing for students with HAG test kits for self-testing is performed three times per week (according to the Ordinance, you are eligible for 15 test kits, which you receive the same way as before at pharmacies).

For the purpose of self-testing proof, the student has to keep a record sheet containing the date of self-testing, the test result and the student's signature which guarantees the authenticity of the data on the record sheet. We are attaching the record sheet.

IMPORTANT: According to the Ordinance, the PCT (RVT) condition is checked at the entrance to the higher education premises. In case you don't meet the PCT (RVT) condition and you wish to meet the »T« condition (testing) with self-testing, a person in charge at the entrance will lead you to a room, designed for student self-testing. We kindly ask you to collect your self-testing kit at a pharmacy in advance and bring it with you. IMPORTANT: Proof of meeting the »T« condition with self-testing, students can also assert for entry to faculty permises, UM libraries, student dorms, UŠC Leon Štukelj and other. The students perform the self-test THREE TIMES PER WEEK, regardless if they performed the test at the faculty permises or student dormitories. Students who perform self-testing have to carry the record sheet with them in order to prove the PCT (RVT) condition.

In the case of a positive result, the test person informs the personal doctor, who refers him for confirmation by PCR test and for the time of obtaining the results must take self-isolation.

Only perfectly healthy people are allowed to enter higher education institutions. Wearing a mask indoors is still mandatory at all times, and hand disinfection is mandatory before entering the premises.

More information on our website Important Coronavirus information for Students of the University of Maribor.

We will inform you about any changes in the ordinances and instructions that we will receive from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Rectorate of the University of Maribor.