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The​ Call on ECTS Accredited Extracurricular Activities of the University of Maribor

in the 2021/22 Ac​ademic Year

The UM offers - in addition to academic curriculum activities - ECTS accredited extracurricular activities in the fields of sports, art and culture, research, project work, voluntarism, health etc.

The student may use credit points earned through an ECTS accredited extracurricular activity in the framework of open elective courses that are part of the accredited study programme or as additional courses. In so far these obligations fall within the study programme the student is enrolled in, the recognised obligations and ECTS credits are counted in the total number of ECTS credits of the study programme. If a programme does not offer open elective courses, the course selected under the ECTS accredited extracurricular activities shall be entered in the student records as an additionally completed course that is not part of an accredited study programme.

The course's ECTS credits shall be added to the total sum of ECTS credits of the study programme the student is enrolled in (students thereby obtain additional credit points), but they shall not affect the number of ECTS credits required for progression to a higher year of study.

More information is available HERE.