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Important Coronavirus information for Students of University of Maribor

Please inform yourself with all important information...


Dear students,

please inform yourself with the Plan of the University of Maribor for Ensuring Continuous work in the Time of Coronavirus (updated: 24 April 2020)

We also inform you that the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is closed until further notice!

Until then, the office hours of Student Services Office, lecture hours at the professors, additional exam deadlines, colloquia, defense of final works, etc. are canceled.

Certificates, conclusions, etc. are not issued until further notice. All procedures are stopped.

The teaching process is conducted exclusively at a distance, based on the instructions of the course providers, which you will receive from their site. Some professors will carry out the study process through the MS TEAMS tool. Instructions are available at this link:

Communication with Student Services Office and with the Professors is only possible via email!

Only email should be used to communicate via e-mail, thus displaying your identity within the UM. Sending e-mails from other addresses does not reveal your identity, so we cannot and will not take such messages into account when regulating student affairs at the faculty.

We also please you to inform yourself with general preventive and specific measures for preventing an infection with the coronavirus as follows:

-Avoiding close body contact with people showing signs of infectious disease.

-Not touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

-Staying at home in case of getting sick.

-Following hygiene rules regarding coughing.

-Regularly washing hands with soap and water.

-In case soap and water are not available, using a special hand sanitizer for disinfection. The hand sanitizer should contain at least 60% alcohol. The hand sanitizer is intended for external use only. Products for cleaning/disinfecting surfaces are not meant for washing/disinfecting skin. -Considering the current epidemiological situation, a general use of protective masks is not necessary.

-During an increased occurrence of respiratory infections, avoiding enclosed spaces with a large number of people. Ensuring regular ventilation of enclosed spaces.

We disadvise all traveling abroad and responsible behavior in case of notifying any disease signs.

The symptoms are feeling unwell, fatigue, rhinitis, fever, cough and in more serious cases shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Because we are dealing with a new virus, detailed information on how the disease is progressing is still being gathered.

Confirming or excluding an infection with the new coronavirus requires microbiological testing. The coronavirus is diagnosed through the nasopharyngeal swab, oropharyngeal swab, respiratory secretion and other infectious material.

The new coronavirus is passed from one person to another in droplets of bodily fluids. This means that it is transmitted by closer contact with the infected person, in a distance of 1.5 meters. It is possible that we get infected with the new coronavirus by touching contaminated surfaces, however, this is not yet fully proven.

The exact incubation period is not known yet; however, according to other coronaviruses and preliminary data, it is estimated to range between 2 and 12 days, probably not more than 14 days. On average, the incubation period should be approximately 6 days long.


Are you worried that you have been infected?

If you have travelled from a coronavirus outbreak area or if you have been in close contact with a person who has travelled from such area and you have fallen ill (coughing, fever, shortness of breath), please follow this advice:

  • stay at home and avoid contact with other people;
  • call your personal doctor or a doctor on call and explain your situation and
  • practise respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette.

In case that you suspect to have signs of coronavirus please DO NOT GO TO THE DOCTOR AT HEALTH CENTER!

In this case you have to stay home and call this telephone number: 02 333 18 09 (number of emergency)

They are able to speak english and they will take you through the steps how to react.

You will have to give them information like: NAME, SURNAME, SIGNS OF ILLNES​S and TELEPHONE NUMBER.

After then doctors will consult and call you back. They will advise you about further steps and measures that need to be done. They will also advise you how to reach contact point, because YOU MUST NOT USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN THIS CASE!

If you feel bad because of some other signs (vomiting, stomachache, allergy …) you can contact ANY OF HEALTH CENTER ON ATTACHED DOCUMENT! List of general practitioners.pdf

Upon receiving a confirmation of the infection by a physician, the student shall inform the Faculty, by email:

Exchange students under the Erasmus+ programme who came to the University of Maribor from areas affected by the coronavirus, are, in case of returning to these areas, not allowed to return to the University of Maribor until obtaining a confirmation that they are not infected.

For more information please check links below: