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Obvestilo za tuje študente / Information for International Students

Dear international student,

from our Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Sports, we forward an important message to you, as follows:

Please, respect the regulations on quarantine during the term of the COVID-19 measures and do not return to Slovenia, as long as they are valid.

At the moment, we cannot provide quarantine for a larger number of international students and the ministry is not going to allow exceptions. If you wish to come in spite of this strong recommendation, please, carefully study the possibilities along your total travel corridor, get the latest information from the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia competent for your country. WE explicitly warn you that Student Dormitories are not a proper place to execute quarantine.

We provide you with the possibility to conduct your study obligations from distance. Here, we stress the already communicated possibility of a prolongation of the student status due to article 49 of the Act on Intervention Measures for the Limitation of COVID-19 epidemic and the lowering of its consequences for citizens and economy (Official Gazette (Uradni list) of the RS, no. 49/20 and 61/20), if you will not be able to pass all missing obligations till the end of the academic year.

We do our best to support you in this difficult time and wish you all a healthy and productive summer.


University of Maribor