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Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Številka je izšla decembra 2021


Content / Vsebina:

Muhammad Maaz Akhtar, Øyvind Karlsen, Hirpa G. Lemu: Study of Bondura® Expanding PIN System – Combined Axial and Radial Locking System 
Irina Aleksandrova, Anna Stoynova, Anatoliy Aleksandrov: Modelling and Multi-objective Optimization of Elastic Abrasive Cutting of C45 and 42Cr4 Steels 
Zhiwen Wang, Qingliang Zeng, Zhenguo Lu, Lirong Wan, Xin Zhang, Zhihai Liu: Investigation of Cutting Performance of a Circular Saw Blade Based on ANSYS/LS-DYNA 
Gábor Ladányi, Viktor Gonda: Review of Peridynamics: Theory, Applications, and Future Perspectives 
Sivakumar A., Bagath Singh N., Sathiamurthi P., Karthi Vinith K.S.: Extremal-Micro Genetic Algorithm Model for Time-Cost Optimization with Optimal Labour Productivity 

Številka bo na spletni strani na voljo jutri, 22.12.2021, dostopna na povezavi: https://www.sv-jme.eu/issues/issue-12-volume-67-2021/