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Strojniški vestnik - Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Številka je izšla 25. marca 2022


Content / Vsebina:

Hongxun Fu, Xuemeng Liang, Yan Wang, Laiyun Ku, Zhen Xiao: Thermal Mechanical Coupling Analysis of a Flexible Spoke Non-pneumatic Tire 
An-Le Van, Trung-Thanh Nguyen: Investigation and Optimization of MQL System Parameters in the Roller-Burnishing Process of Hardened Steel 
Karutha Pandian Vasantha Kumar, Muthusamy Balasubramanian: Optimization of FSW Processing Factors on Hardness for Dissimilar AA6061-T6 and AZ31B O Alloys 
Zujin Jin, Gang Cheng, Shichang Xu, Dunpeng Yuan: Error Prediction for a Large Optical Mirror Processing Robot Based on Deep Learning 
Milena Djukanović, Milanko Damjanović, Luka Radunović, Mihailo Jovanović: Optimisation of PLA Filament Consumption for 3D Printing Using the Annealing Method in Home Environment 
Khaled S. Mohamed, Fatin Amri, Mostafa Elboraey, N.H. Diyana Nordin, Asan G.A. Muthalif: Adaptive Electromagnetic Vibration Absorber for a Multimode Structure 
S. Omprakasam, K. Marimuthu, R. Raghu, T. Velmurugan: Statistical Modelling and Optimization of TIG Welding Process Parameters Using Taguchi’s Method 

Številka je dosegljiva na spletni strani na povezavi: https://www.sv-jme.eu/issues/issue-3-volume-68-2022/