New Academic Information Subsystem (AIPS)

Web page Academic Information Subsystem (AIPS) with new functionalities.

The Academic Information Subsystem of the University of Maribor (AIPS) provides support for the teaching process.

The AIPS web interface enables students to:

  • review study obligations (fulfilled, unfulfilled) as well as exams passed in the current academic year and throughout the entire course of study;
  • check personal data;
  • review exam dates;
  • review office hours of course instructors;
  • register for/withdraw from exams;
  • complete student surveys;
  • fill out electronic enrolment forms;
  • receive faculty notifications,...


New functionalities:

  • new look (based on the corporate identity UM),
  • the possibility of using mobile devices,
  • with the option to switch to the English version.


Link to website AIPS remains the same as before,