Predavanja »Development of PMMA composite enriched with nanoparticles (Ag/ZnO) and examination of its biocompatibility«

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12.7.2017, ob 12.00




Dragana Smiljanić, dr. stom.


Univerza v Beogradu, Stomatološka fakulteta, Srbija

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Development of PMMA composite enriched with nanoparticles (Ag/ZnO) and examination of its biocompatibility

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Wear resistance is one of the most important physical properties of artificial teeth used in acrylic dentures. The goal of this research was to synthesize a new composite material made of matrix Poly-(methyl methacrylate) –PMMA enriched with Ag and ZnO nanoparticles as reinforced elements, to improve its  mechanical properties. The dynamic mechanical behaviour of this composite was studied through the DMA method in comparison to the pure PMMA supported by the characterization of their microstructures. Then the wear resistance was analysed on the samples, which were prepared in the form of teeth. In this context, their vertical height loss was measured after 100,000 chewing cycles on a chewing simulator, before and after artificial thermal ageing. Investigations showed that the PMMA/ZnO NPs composites had dampened the vibrations better than pure PMMA, which could be assigned to the homogenous distribution of ZnO NPs in the PMMA matrix, but this was not found in PMMA /Ag NPs. Also, the colour of PMMA/Ag NPs composite was not appropriatefrom an aesthetic aspect. It was found out that the mean vertical height loss for the pure PMMA teeth was significantly higher (more than 4-times) compared to composite teeth made with ZnO NPs. Introducing the thermal artificial ageing led to finding that there was no effect on height loss by the composite material with 3 vol.% ZnO NPs. Based on this, it was concluded that PMMA/ZnO NPs composites showed improved in vitro wear resistance compared to acrylic resin denture teeth, so this new composite material should be preferred when occlusal stability is considered to be of high priority.

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Inštituta za tehnologijo materialov, doc. dr. Rebeka Rudolf


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